Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unce upon a time...

Once upon a time I could get sick, go to my room, shut the door and stay there until I felt better.
Once upon a time I could get sick, call in to work, get someone to fill in for me, go to sleep and not have anyone bother me until I felt better.
Once upon a time I could get sick, lay in bed, cough and wheeze in peace!
Not any more!

I know that I have been blessed, but this is the first time Josiah and I have been sick at the same time. We've taken turns before, but this was the first time we were both absolutely miserable together! Poor Dan!!! Josiah and I were both coughing and hacking all night. Josiah would stay up until midnight and be back up at 5:00 with a yucky nose and cough. In the meantime I coughed all night. None of us got any sleep.

Finally, last Thursday after four sleepless nights we went to the doctor. I'm so thankful for antibiotics. I know they're often overused, but let me tell you, when you really need them it's nice to have them. By Saturday Josiah was back to normal and sleeping all night again.

Unfortunately, I'm taking a little longer to get over it this time. Kroger had a sale on Lean Cuisine, so we've been eating those meals and PBJ almost every meal. I've had to cancel piano lessons and stay home from church. Josiah's watched more PBS the last two weeks than the last two months! I doze off and on while laying on the couch and he watches tv or plays with his trucks and trains on the floor. When my throat doesn't hurt he snuggles in bed with me and we read Heidi.

I love being a mom, but it's not exactly a job that you can call in sick! Josiah feels bad that I'm sick and wants to love on me and cuddle me, but that only makes me hurt worse! He keeps trying to kiss me to make me feel better. He's so sweet!

Hopefully by next week I'll be all better!

Who says a 2 year old's too young for singing school!

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor. It was my second visit in a week. Last week Josiah and I were both miserably sick. He had a sinus infection and I had bronchitis. Josiah's almost completely better, but I'm not feeling very good. So, off we went to the Dr. again. They put is in the pediatric room so Josiah could play while the doctor saw me. It sounded like a good idea, but Josiah turned over 4 puzzles with LOTS of pieces all over the floor. The doctor and nurse could hardly get to me!

One of the puzzles was a shape puzzle. I heard Josiah singing, but wasn't sure what he was doing. He had all of the shapes in a vertical line and was singing do mi so while pointing at the shapes. It was pretty funny. He pointed to the triangle for do, too...pretty cool! I guess going to two singing schools this summer has payed off.

I had just told him to put one of the puzzles up before he dropped it when the doctor came in. She started right in to talk to me while Josiah saw the opportunity to ignore me.
I turned to the doctor and said "Excuse me, just a moment, please. I need to take care of this." Josiah was sad that he didn't get away with it, but he obeyed.

"He's so sweet!" the doctor said.

"Yes, but we work hard to keep him that way!" I replied.