Friday, April 18, 2008

Joining the blogging world!

I've recently become engrossed in the lives of my friends by reading their blogs. Tonight I had to stay home from a church meeting that I've been looking forward to for months, so I had some time alone to start my own blog. I don't know that I'll have much to write about except for being a mother, but my son does lots of funny things, so maybe this will be a good place to write about them and give people a good laugh!

I've decided that moms must have thick skin and not be easily embarrassed. For instance, a few weeks ago we flew home from a week long visit with my parents. It was about 9:30 and lots of people on the plane were attempting to sleep. That was when my son decided to sing Blessed Assurance at the top of his lungs. He closed his little eyes, threw his head back, and let it rip. You would have thought we were Pentecostal instead of Primitive Baptist!

Unfortunately, it struck my funny bone. I started laughing so hard that I couldn't stop! I finally had to clamp my hand over his mouth before he would quit...chorus after chorus! It ended up being a good thing that he did make that happy commotion, because a few minutes later he was screaming at the top of his lungs and threw up all over me as we landed! Coming off the plane and through the luggage claim people were very kind and friendly!

Last week, in the grocery store, my son decided to try singing Blessed Assurance at the top of his lungs again! This time there was no plane noise to drown him out even a little bit. As we walked down aisle after aisle he got louder and louder! I got crosser and crosser! A sweet little old lady on one of the aisles noticed my irritation and said "Let him sing, Honey! At least he's praising his Saviour all the day long. There are worse noises that could be coming out of a two year old!"

Wow! That made me feel guilty! He wasn't doing anything wrong, other than being a little loud. But lots of children walk through the store whining or begging or throwing tantrums! Of course, mine has done all of those things at one point or another, and probably will do them all again! But this time he was "praising his savior!". What more could a mother ask?


Kelly Spezzano said...

WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING WORLD! I can't wait to hear all the Josiah stories!

I think I would have reacted the same way (being cross) and then would have felt just as guilty! Thank the Lord for little old ladies! :)

~*Rachel*~ said...


no lie, and no joke. but at this VERY minute, as I am typing these very words.... My brother Abel is upstairs cleaning his room and singing Blessed Assurance AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. you can hear it all over the house.

Too funny.

Welcome to Blogger!

~*Hannah*~ said...

no one told me u had a blog!!!!

Dani said...

You have a blog, awesome. Blessed Assurance was one of my little brothers favorite songs growing up, he at age 4 or 5 would call it out every Sunday, and sing "Dis is my Tory dis is my Saong" I can still hear him in the back of my mind everytime that song is called out in Church.