Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Josiah's Fractured Fairytale

Josiah’s Story

Once upon a time there was a little old woman who baked gingerbread cookies. The gingerbread man who was green like me (we played Candy Land Monday night and he was the green piece) ran away to the bridge with the fox and the troll. The troll came out and said “Who’s that crossing my bridge?” The gingerbread boy said “Don’t eat me! I’m too tasty! Eat my big brother.” (Here the story was interrupted by peals of laughter by me!)

The troll and the fox let the gingerbread boy pass because the fox was a nice fox and said, “Come home and live with me forever, forever, forever.” The gingerbread boy went home with the fox to his cave where they saw the bad witch. They took her back to the bridge with the troll. The big brother gingerbread boy came to the troll. “Who’s that crossing my bridge?”

“It’s me the big brother. I’m going to knock you into next week! Watch out for the fishes!”

The witch fell, too, and melted and went down the drain.

The big brother and the green gingerbread boy named Josiah all went to the cave with the nice fox who is mommy.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is a funny fairy tale. I can just imagin Life with Josiah is a hoot. What with all the questions and his keen sences, he will be very smart. How come there are no Pictures? Come on girl, give a Brother Other Father AKA: Borrowed Dad, AKA:Borrowed Poppa a few Pics of Mr. Josiah. Quit being a "Hoggy McFadden" and post one or two for us.
Love to You All
Brother Other Father.

Lisa said...

I have this old fashioned thing called dial-up that makes posting pictures a long and drawn out process. I usually just put them on Facebook. I'll try to get some on my blog for you, though.
Love ya!
Sister Other Daughter